May 12, 2016

What does ATVP DO?

Q: What are the majority of problems that you deal with?

AskAnAdvocate: We work with many different issues around violence and personal safety, including victimization of general crimes like identity theft, stalking, and harassment.  However, by far the most common issues we work with are domestic violence and sexual assault.  

In an average year we work with around 360 unique individuals and their children, with about 340 of those being people who have experienced gender- and power-based violence (SA/DV).  

Our work gives us a broad set of skills, so we can perform legal advocacy for those who want to file for protection orders (aka "restraining orders"), divorce, custody, and other legal issues.  We can also be with a person when they meet with police or prosecutors to report a crime - in fact it's your right as a victim of crime to have an advocate with you.  

If you need to seek medical attention due to any crime-related situation, we can also meet you at the hospital to advocate for your rights as a patient and as a survivor of violence or abuse.

The realities of abuse and assault are complex and impact many facets of people's lives.  We're here to try and make survivors' lives easier.  
Think of us as the Samwise Gamgee to your Frodo
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or the Batgirl to your Batwoman

You get the idea.  We don't live someone else's life for them, but we do whatever we can to make life less complicated and the path to empowerment less dangerous.  

Thanks for your questions! 

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